Things To Do

Still a little energy! We offer you some relaxing, refreshing, gourmet or contemplative activities. As you wish !

Keep Calm and Picnic

You can ride to multiple places, choose your preferred spot, and bring some local foods or specialties for snacking wherever you want. But remember! Nature is for all to enjoy, but trash is yours, so take it with you when you leave.

  • Lombers picnic area
  • Leisure center Cap Découverte
  • Along the Tarn River
  • Leisure center Pratgraussals

Fresh air, go for a hike or canoe ride

By taking time to go on a hike and soak in the fresh air. Mother nature has to offer a refreshing time and also it’s good for your overall health. Various activities: Canoe ride, Paddle, sailboard, water skiing, swimming…

  • Les Avalats, beach, canoe ride
  • Leisure Center d’Aiguelèze
  • Lake la Roucarié
  • Leisure center Cap découverte

Eat and drink like a local

Almost every country or even city is known for a particular drink or food. Discover them through the multiple Farmer Markets where you can meet our local producers and artisans.

  • Charcuterie de Lacaune
  • Lautrec pink garlic
  • Ségala veal
  • Cheeses, Gaillac wine, saffron…

The beauty of the Medieval town and its paths

Get lost in the historic heart of the city, discover the episcopal city, Toulouse Lautrec Museum and many others treasures. Strolls from alleys to squares, wonderment is at each corner.

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